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Verizon Tower Construction with Fiber Optic Connection

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Bryce Canyon National Park (BRCA) is considering the issuance of separate right-of-way permits to Verizon Wireless, South Central Utah Telephone Association (SCUTA) and Garkane Energy Cooperative (Garkane) for the installation of a cellular telecommunications tower, fiber optic utility, and electric utility rights-of-way, respectively. The NPS is required to consider this wireless telecommunication application in accordance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (47 USC 332 note), which authorizes, but does not mandate, a presumption that such requests be granted.

An Environment Assessment (EA) was prepared to evaluate the impacts and explore mitigation measures applicable to building a single cell tower in the core-developed zone of BRCA. The following were evaluated: two tower designs (mono pine and self-support lattice), three heights (40, 60 and 80 feet), and two locations (Science Hill and Manzanita Dorm). The recommended alternative is the 60 foot lattice design at Science Hill. This EA is available for a 30 day public review period from October 25, 2019 through November 25, 2019.

Contact Information
Superintendent, Linda Mazzu, 435-834-4700