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Plague is a disease spread by fleas to humans. It is found, in most cases, on rodents such as ground squirrels. Because Yosemite would like to be prepared if treatments for plague are needed, Delta Dust Insecticide will be approved through the NPS pesticide use system through this 5-year programmatic categorical exclusion to treat rodent burrows for fleas as needed.

Applications of Delta Dust will be limited to rodent burrows in areas identified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as needing treatment. All application amounts, methods, and safety measures will closely adhere to the Delta Dust label (attached). Delta Dust is applied by inserting an applicator down each burrow. It does not require digging. Delta Dust is in the form of a powder that rodents pick up as they move through the burrow. It does not impact the rodent, it impacts the fleas.

Visitor exposure to Delta Dust will be mitigated and reduced through closures during treatment. Length of closures after treatment will be directed by the label. Exposure to employees will be mitigated by following all safety procedures on the label, and by ensuring trained pesticide applicators are supervising application.