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Parkwide Communication Data Network Implementation: Turtleback Dome AT&T HVAC Upgrades

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This project includes improvements and additions to the HVAC units supporting AT&T systems at Turtleback Dome and is needed to support and maintain existing site infrastructure for telecommunications throughout Yosemite. The current HVAC equipment is old and lacks the redundancy needed to avoid interruptions in communications service.
The project will involve:

1. Removing the existing package air conditioning unit and the associated ductwork currently serving the equipment building.
2. Installing two new, outdoor, redundant air-conditioning package units and the associated ductwork.
3. Installing associated electrical and controls system components for units operation.
4. Building associated structural supports (concrete pads and footings) for the HVAC units to sit on.

The project includes the design, engineering and construction services to remove and replace existing HVAC and the associated duct system for the existing radio antenna site. New work includes installing the new HVAC units outside, on the north side of the building, on concrete pads. This work is required to support AT&T's existing equipment load and potential equipment growth, to reduce operational costs, and address cooling issues (existing cooling for this infrastructure is inadequate).

Physical dimensions for the needed footprint will be approximately 28' long x 10' wide. The structure material of the ductwork is unpainted galvanized steel. The new AC unit color is light gray. Ground disturbance to place footings will be a maximum of 3 feet deep.