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The National Park Service proposes a No Adverse Effect determination for the proposed rehabilitation of a house at Ferncliffe, a privately owned property in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District. This project, planned by the owner, is reviewed under the terms of a NPS-managed conservation easement, from 1973.

See attached illustrations-packet for site plan, photos of existing conditions, and photo annotated with proposed conditions.

The rehabilitation would entail converting the roof-type of three of the rear (northwest), second-story windows of the house from three individual gable-dormer roofs to a single, shed-dormer roof serving the same three windows. This shed-dormer roof would connect with two existing, second-story shed-dormer-windows that are situated on either side of the three existing, second-story gable-dormer windows. The new shed-dormer window configuration would retain the same features and conditions as the shed-dormer windows on either side: pitch, materials, cladding/shingles, and color. The new shed-dormer configuration would retain the same fenestration-locations/window-openings (and window sashes and lights) of the three windows currently covered with gable-roofs.

Item 1 in the easement's restrictions-section stipulates that the property owner may make "alterations, additions or improvements" to the house "as would not in the opinion of the Grantee [NPS] fundamentally alter its historic character or its setting."

The core of the house at Ferncliffe dates to c. 1880. In the 1940's-1980's, its exterior was subject to a variety of alterations and modifications, especially at the rear/northwest elevation. These exterior alterations included: the change of cladding weatherboards to brick; the addition of a two-story brick, wing at the northeast end; the addition of a two-story, gable-roof, brick garage at the southwest end; and the addition of a one-story, brick kitchen-addition—featuring a chimney and a picture window—
on the rear/northwest elevation.

On that second-story, rear/northwest elevation of the house, the modifications—through addition or roof-alterations—three additional window-types to the existing gable-roof dormer windows: two generations/styles of shed-roof windows, and a picture window. The modification work also added to the rear/northwest elevation a second-story fire-escape door, adjoining the picture window, as well as an affixed fire-escape stair and stoop.

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