Tuolumne River Plan Implementation-Tuolumne Meadows Cabin Replacement - Pilot Project

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This project was selected for implementation in the 2014 Record of Decision for the Tuolumne River Plan/EIS (PEPC 65683). This project must adhere to mitigation and stipulations specified in the Final EIS/Record of Decision.

This pilot project will replace two seasonal NPS employee tent cabins (#3088 and #3089) located at Bug Camp in Tuolumne Meadows with two new hard-topped cabins. The current cabins are in very poor condition, are not code compliant, have ineffective rodent exclusion, and do not meet the NPS Housing Guidelines. The design of new cabins rectifies these deficiencies. These new cabins are a prototype design; data from the tracking of costs, construction time, constructability, and tenant reviews of the completed cabins will be used to inform the design for the larger project, which involves replacement of 35 tent cabins phased over the next 7 years, as part of the implementation of the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Plan.

The original planned course of action was to dismantle the existing #3088 and #3089 cabins, and replace them with the prototype cabins within the previous building footprint. However, seasonal housing is in very short supply in Tuolumne Meadows, and after consulting with the park's Housing Office and the impacted users, it was determined that the existing cabins will remain in service this summer while the replacement cabins are being built nearby. Cabins #3088 and #3089 will be dismantled and removed at the end of the season when the replacements are available for use.

The replacement cabins will be positioned and orientated to maintain compatibility with the Bug Camp landscape. The new cabins will feature a 16' x 22' livable area, plus a 16'x 6' porch. Perimeter footings for each building will be excavated by backhoe or track hoe (excavator). The trenches will be approximately 20" wide 24" deep (deeper where steps are required due to grade changes). Approximate footing excavation will total 35 cubic yards for both cabins.

Utilities (water, sewer, electricity, and propane) will be routed to serve the replacement cabins, and will involve approximately 350 linear feet of trenching, in seven trenches of various length, and the addition of a sewer manhole and a propane tank. The utility trenches will each be approximately 24" wide x 42" deep, and in total will disturb approximately 100 cubic yards of soil, much of it to be re-used as backfill material. Minor site grading to divert drainage from the buildings will disturb another 5 cubic yards (approximately).

Total soil disturbance is expected to be approximately 145 cubic yards over approximately 2,000 square feet of area. Approximately twenty-five pine trees of 14" diameter or less have to be removed to accommodate the new cabin locations.