El Portal Adams Residential Remodel

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The Ansel Adams Gallery recently acquired a residence in El Portal at 9770 Eagle Peak Road. The building is generally in excellent condition; however the exterior siding was fabricated with asbestos fibers. While the asbestos is considered stable, it is our intention to house our staff in as safe an environment as reasonably possible and eliminate the long term potential for employment related asbestos exposure.

This project will:
- Remove the existing siding panels and replace with a fire resistant fiber concrete siding.
- Replace all the existing windows (aluminum frame single pane) with energy efficient windows.
- Inspect and replace insulation as necessary.
- Install new ductless HVAC units in the bedrooms and primary living spaces.

The remodel is limited to the exterior envelope. Doors, roofs, or other portions of the building will not be altered or modified. There will be no changes to the electrical or plumbing unless inspection finds unsafe conditions