Parkwide Traffic Counters Rehabilitation

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The National Park Service will be working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to rehabilitate seven existing traffic count stations that were originally installed in Yosemite during the mid-1980s. Traffic count station data is collected to inform NPS and FHWA management systems (Bridge, Pavements, Safety and Congestion) and is also used as a basis for visitation statistics. Traffic data is used by planners and designers in the NPS and FHWA.

Count station equipment is approaching the end its life span. Project work includes the replacement of inductive wire loops in pavement on roadways, shallow trenching for wire in conduit, installation of pull boxes, replacement of counter units in equipment boxes, and connection to existing phone or data lines. The specific locations of proposed work are (1) El Portal Road at the Arch Rock Entrance Station, (2) Southside Drive in Leidig Meadow at the Valley Chapel, (3) Northside Drive at Camp 4, (4) the Big Oak Flat and Tioga Road intersection at Crane Flat, (5) the Wawona and Glacier Point Road intersection at Chinquapin, (6) Big Oak Flat Road at the Big Oak Flat Entrance Station, and (7) Tioga Road near the Wilderness Center.