Happy Isles John Muir Trail Improvements

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This project will define and improve the pathway between Happy Isles shuttle bus stop 16 and the John Muir trailhead. Every year thousands of visitors travel to Happy Isles to begin their hike on the John Muir/Mist Trail, but once they depart from the bus it's not very clear which direction to go. This busy section of road is used by hikers, bikers, buses, stock trains, vehicles with handicap placards, and authorized concessionaire and NPS vehicles. The trails staff will formalize the pathways on both sides of the road, reduce erosion, define pedestrian and stock paths of travel, and reduce vehicle/pedestrian/stock conflicts.

This project will:
• Define pathways on either side of the Happy Isles Road to create a safe walking space for visitors. Pathways will be a consistent 8 feet wide.
• Reset granite curbing to align with the pathway and ramp the path up to bridge to meet accessibility requirements.
• Move current fencing back to allow for the 8 foot pathway.
• Install 260 feet of new pierced post fence along the whole project area. Ground disturbance for these posts would be 6" x 6" x 12".
• Build retaining walls the length of the project area to support the road and pathway. The walls will be varying height, maximum of 4 feet high and match the current walls around the culvert.
• Build all pathways with Staylok instead of pavement and eliminate social trails.