Yosemite Valley Lodge Bike Stand Relocate

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Yosemite Hospitality LLC staff is relocating the bike equipment rental to the west side of the Yosemite Valley Lodge Pool apron. This section of the apron is poured concrete and approximately 85'x 22'. A temporary/movable kiosk which is wired for electricity will be placed on the western apron to perform the business functions of the bike stand. The kiosk is 13'x5'x10' and has been relocated to Yosemite Valley from discontinued concessioner operations in the Mariposa Grove. Utility (electricity) is provided through a 142' run of metal conduit attached to the existing chain link fence from nearest existing connection point behind the former pool snack stand. The concessioner will relocate the existing 85' chain link fence on the east side of the apron and move it to the west side of the pool to create a bike storage area. Existing fence posts from the east apron will be cut and holes patched with concrete. To place the fence posts on the western side of the apron, holes will be cut into the concrete apron to an approximate depth of 6-8 inches before installing new posts and chain link fencing.

Additional rental bikes will be stored along the fence outside the north side of the pool. The gate to enter the bike shop will also be relocated to the northwestern corner of the pool apron. The entry gate will be approximately 8' in width. Removal of the western gate will allow visitors to enter the pool area through the western entrance as well as provide more shaded seating with an existing pergola. The existing entrance gate is in excess of 5' wide and does not require any alteration to provide for access.