Merced River Plan Implementation: Construct Yosemite Village Day-Use Parking Area

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This project was selected for implementation in the 2014 Record of Decision for the Merced River Plan/EIS (PEPC 18982). This project must adhere to mitigation and stipulations in the final EIS/Record of Decision, the MRP programmatic agreement, wetland/floodplain statement of findings, and Clean Water Act 404/401 permits. This project was categorized as a Category 2 project in the MRP programmatic agreement.

This project will construct a new 400-vehicle day-use parking lot in the area of the existing Camp 6 parking area, south of the existing Northside Drive. The new Yosemite Village day-use parking area will be the primary arrival point for incoming motorists who have no campsite or hotel reservations in Yosemite Valley.

Concurrent with parking lot construction, the NPS will realign a 0.2 mile section of Northside Drive to the southern edge of the Camp-6 parking area and create a round-about at the Sentinel Drive/Northside Drive intersection. Pedestrian-vehicle conflicts at the intersection of Valley Loop Road and the Camp-6 entry drive are a primary cause of severe traffic delay and congestion in Yosemite Valley during peak visitation periods. This project will reconfigure the roads so that pedestrians will no longer need to cross over traffic to reach Yosemite Village to improve pedestrian safety as well as reduce traffic delays. The realigned roadway will be located within the current limits of the Camp-6 parking bays, minimizing impacts to undeveloped areas.

Components of the project include:
• Clearing, earthwork, drainage, relocation of existing buried utilities (water, sewer, electric, communication) and installation of subgrade/road base for the parking lot.
• Re-align of Northside Drive to the south of the parking lot and construct a round-about
• Install pedestrian pathways and a shuttle bus shelter
• Install asphalt paving/gravel binder, curb and gutters, handicapped accessible curb ramps and paths of travel, signage, lighting and landscaping.