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GRTE-JODR Foundation Document Update

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Grand Teton National Park has completed an updated Foundation Document to guide planning and management of the park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. The Foundation Document is a statement of why the park and parkway were established as units of the national park system. The core piece of the document describes the park units' purpose, significance, important resources and values, and interpretive themes or key stories. The Foundation Document also includes special mandates and administrative commitments as well as an assessment of planning and data needs. Though the document does not include any actions or decisions, it does establish the underlying guidance for park management and planning and will serve as an initial step for future planning efforts.

The park and parkway's first Foundation Document was completed in 2006. The document has been updated to a new format that is consistent with documents from other national park units. The updated document also incorporates the designation of the Snake River Headwaters Wild and Scenic River in 2008, revised interpretive themes, a wilderness eligibility assessment completed for the parkway in 2013, and other minor changes.

Contact Information
Daniel Noon
Chief of Planning