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The Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, doing business as Camp Wawona, is located on private property, along Forest Drive, in the township of Wawona, within the Wawona District of Yosemite National Park. The camp has been in operation since 1929, offering a variety of recreational activities. One activity that is conducted by the Camp is horseback riding which includes the use of National Park Service trails in the Wawona area. Rides consist of eight to twelve horses being ridden during a day ride. They do not conduct any overnight stock trips inside of the park. A Commercial Use Authorization will be issued as a five year programmatic to Camp Wawona in order to manage their use of park trails. Grazing and/or camping with stock is not allowed under the authorization. Camp Wawona will be limited to a maximum of 240 stock use days per year (1 horse = 1 stock day).

Primary trails used will be the Meadow Loop beginning at Camp Wawona, crossing Hwy 41 and riding along the trail around the Big Trees Golf Course. Two shorter rides start at the camp and follow along a shorter loop trail south of the camp. One end-of-year ride will occur in wilderness as the horses are ridden from the camp to the Mariposa Grove Outer Loop Trail and out of the park to Goat Meadow. A map with the trail ride locations is attached.