Merced and Tuolumne Grove Giant Sequoia Protection

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The closure of the Mariposa Grove has significantly raised the visitation level to Merced and Tuolumne Groves. The cumulative impact of larger numbers of visitors to the groves, and especially those leaving established routes, accelerates damage to tree root systems, causes wear and tear on bark of tree trunks, kills sequoia seedlings and other special status species by trampling.

The park will install approximately 20 feet of new zig-zag style fencing in the Merced Grove, 90 feet of zig-zag fencing in the Tuolumne Grove to protect a creek restoration site, and extend an existing double-post style fence in the Tuolumne Grove by 110 feet to protect several trees downhill from the main road/trail. This project will also add signs, on the fencing requesting that people do not enter the tree enclosures or leave the paths where seedlings are present.