Degnan's Restaurant and Loft Remodel (2016 YH)

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This action will implement requirements of the concession contract CC-YOSE004-16 with Yosemite Hospitality LLC which began March 1, 2016. Construction is planned for winter of 2017.

The project undertaking includes the rehabilitation of Degnan's Restaurant and Loft in Yosemite Valley. A principal selection factor in the current concessioner contract was to provide visitors improved food and beverage operations, product quality, consistency, and availability. The current concessioner was selected, in part, because their bid proposal addressed innovative solutions to better serve Park visitors. The objectives of this undertaking are:
• Maximize operational efficiency for food service and office space
o Consolidate kitchen and ware washing on first level
o Install new equipment and layout in back-of-house areas
o Install full-service bar on second level
o Reconfigure back-of-house area on second level for office space and minor prep area
• Improve customer experience and minimize wait times
o Reconfigure and expand front-of-house food service concepts and dining areas
o Repair three fireplaces to working order with propane inserts
o Provide pizza and fresh-baked bakery items
• Address deferred maintenance
o Upgrade electrical system
o Comprehensive heating, ventilation and cooling upgrades
o Replace grease interceptor
• Meet fire, safety, accessibility, and Operational Safety and Health code compliance
o Modify bathrooms for ADA compliance
o Install lighting, motion sensors, sprinklers, fire alarms, etc. as required per historic building code
o Meet code-compliant headroom on internal stairway
• Avoid all adverse effects to historic properties

The building is a simple, two-story, A-frame building designed to fit into the landscape. The building was not listed or evaluated for listing on either the Yosemite Village Historic District or the Yosemite Valley Historic District because it was built after the period of significance for each of these properties. The building has been evaluated for eligibility. A historic structure report is being developed to inform the design process for rehabilitation.