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Temporary Access ROW Application: Noatak Fuel Transportation Project

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The Native Village of Noatak has submitted 2 separate SF-299 Right of Way (ROW) applications related to the Noatak Fuel Transportation Project: 1) a one-time Temporary Access request to move an empty Cat Forwarder fuel transport vehicle to the Native Village of Noatak, and 2) a Full Access request to transport 50,000 gallons of fuel annually overland to the village in winter months. This PEPC entry documents NEPA review for the Temporary Access ROW application. NEPA review for the Full Access application is documented in PEPC #60848.


On December 4, 2015 the NPS received a SF-299 ROW application requesting Temporary Access for a one-time winter transit of a Cat Forwarder from Material Site #6 on the DMTS haul road across NPS lands in Cape Krusenstern National Monument (CAKR) and adjacent BLM lands enroute to the Native Village of Noatak. The Cat Forwarder is on wheels and has been modified with a 3,300 gallon fuel tank to serve as a fuel transportation vehicle. It is currently at the Red Dog Port. The proposal is to move the vehicle empty, without a payload, over a prepared winter route. This is a one-time, one-way crossing NPS and BLM lands to occur in the winter of 2016 for the purposes of allowing Noatak residents to train and perform field trials with the vehicle.

This vehicle move request is related to a larger village initiative to reduce the high cost of flying fuel to the village by transporting 50,000 gallons of heating fuel annually in winter months overland between the Red Dog Port site and the Native Village of Noatak. The preferred overland route for the full project is also across NPS lands and is described in PEPC #60848.

Application materials are available in Document List.

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