Camp 4 Accessibility Improvements

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Camp 4 Campground needs additional accessible campsites to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This project proposes to make two existing accessible on the west side of the existing restroom. Actions include:

- Defining a pathway from the restroom to the accessible campsites on the west side of the restroom. The pathways will be created using decomposed granite with no more than eight inches of ground disturbance.

- Installing a privacy fence in front of the accessible restrooms on the west side of the building. Fence structure will be attached to the concrete foundation of the bathroom. No ground disturbance involved.

- Fill will be added to the redesigned campsites to create a level pad.

- The path of travel from the parking lot to the campsites will be the existing path that is on the north side of the restroom. It will need minor improvements such as a small area of fill to meet grade requirements.