Yellow Pine Campground Expansion

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The park is seeking to optimize the space in the Yellow Pine Administrative Campground in Yosemite Valley to accommodate administrative campsite needs without drawing from public campground inventory. The project will add two group campsites (each accommodating up to 30 people), and reconfigure the foot print of one existing camp host site to accommodate an additional 12 people. These new sites will increase the park's ability to provide for administrative campsite requests, including those of traditionally associated American Indian tribes and groups.

The scope of work includes development of two group campsites on the south side of the Yellow Pine Campground road, between sites B and D. For the group sites, work will include delineating parking area adjacent to road, clearing small vegetation within new site boundaries (mature trees will remain), installation of logs to mark site boundaries, installation of one fire ring per site, approximately eight picnic tables per site, six bear boxes per site, one BBQ stand per site, and one lantern pole per site. The project also entails redevelopment of East Camp host site into three smaller family campsites within the same foot print. Each of the two new family sites will have a fire ring, two bear boxes, and one picnic table. Primary ground disturbance will take place adjacent to the road in developing parking spaces.