Photo of the park's Hyde Street Pier and historic vessels (Balclutha, with a large American flag flying from her mizzen mast, in the center) looking toward San Francisco from the Bay (city skyline in the background)

San Francisco Maritime NHP Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

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The park's Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP) includes major findings from the self-evaluation process, as well as a plan for improving accessibility parkwide. The SETP resulted from the work of an NPS interdisciplinary design team, including planning, design, and construction professionals; and interpretive, resource, visitor safety, maintenance, and accessibility specialists. Site plans, photographs, and specific actions for accomplishing work in priority park areas were developed, and associated time frames and implementation strategies were established to assist NPS staff in scheduling and performing required actions and to document work as it is completed. Park policies, practices, communication, and training needs were also addressed. The goal of an SETP is to design an effective plan to improve the park's accessibility by upgrading services, activities and programs at park areas and to instill a culture around universal access by employing means to convey information to the widest population possible and by prioritizing ongoing staff training.

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