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On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11 workers and injuring 17, and releasing approximately 134 million gallons of oil into the Gulf. Since that time, the Deepwater Horizon natural resource trustees have been working to assess the impacts of the oil and response activities on natural resources like wetlands, fish, and birds through a process called a natural resource damage assessment. The trustees include representatives for Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, NOAA, DOI, USDA, and EPA. Based on thorough assessment of impacts to the Gulf's natural resources, the Trustees have determined that the best method for addressing the injuries is a comprehensive, integrated, ecosystem restoration plan. The Trustees' mission, established through the Oil Pollution Act and other laws, is to restore the natural resources and resource services that were injured or lost as a result of the spill. The restoration planning process involves many steps and includes input from scientists, experts, and the public along the way. The draft plan proposes allocation of funds to defined restoration types and restoration areas over a 15-year payment schedule. The Trustees are considering this programmatic restoration planning decision in light of a proposed settlement to resolve natural resource damages associated with the Deepwater Horizon incident.

For more information and to access the draft plan, please visit:

The Trustees will consider public comments received on or before December 4, 2015.

Public Meetings: The Trustees will host a series of public meetings to facilitate public review and comment on the Draft PDARP/PEIS. Both written and verbal public comments will be taken at each public meeting. The Trustees will hold an open house for each meeting followed by a formal meeting. Each public meeting will include a presentation of the Draft PDARP/PEIS. Public meetings will be held between October 19th and November 18th. Please see the list of scheduled meetings in the Meeting Notices menu on the left.