Wawona Hotel Electrical Upgrade (YH 2020)

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The electrical system at the Wawona Hotel does not meet fire and safety codes. This project consists of the replacement of the antiquated electrical system throughout the hotel, annex, and cottages.

The scope of the project consists of a complete upgrade of the electrical system including wiring, fixtures, panels, conduit, and luminaires. This project will also address the generator, the electrical system at the pool, and external safety lights and exit signs. Specifically, the project will address the following:
• Replace all branch wiring and remove unused wiring. Remove surface mounted wiring and recess behind walls where possible. Consolidate wiring in conduit where possible.
• Replace all receptacles one-for-one with tamper proof and GFCI receptacles where required by code. Remove outlets that are mounted to the floor and pose a tripping hazard and relocate to nearby wall or replace with floor box, if accessible.
• Replace all panelboards and switchgear (specifically those that are more than 10 years old). Relocate panelboards that are not readily accessible.
• Replace feeders, conduits, distribution in the same locations as currently exists.
• Provide grounding electrode system at each building.
• Replace or refurbish luminaires that pose a safety concern.
• Modify fencing around main switchgear to meet clearance and working space requirements.
• Replace pool electrical equipment located in pit adjacent to pool.
• Replace plug-in bugeye luminaires with egress lighting along egress pathways. Provide emergency lighting inverter at each building as backup source for egress lighting.
• Provide physical protection of generator's feeders and lugs, which are exposed. Temporary cables are being used for a permanent installation.
• Replace exit signs and smoke alarms for consistency.