Curry Village Mountain Shop Sewer Improvements

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This project will address a clogging manhole that has created a sanitary sewer overspill occurring on a pedestrian walkway just north of the Curry Village Mountain Shop. Improvements will consist of the installation of 55 feet of 6" sewer pipe, 20 feet of 4" pipe, 1 manhole, and 1 two-way cleanout.

Specifically, trenching to install sewer pipe will be done with a 24" wide bucket on a mini-excavator or backhoe. The average depth is 3.5 feet. There will be approximately 16.9 cubic yards of trenching. Trenching to install the manhole will be 4 feet in diameter and about 3.5 feet deep (approximately 1.6 cubic yards).

The sewer cleanout will be part of the sewer trenching and will not cause additional soil excavation.

A 26" cedar tree will be need to be downed.