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NERO Park Roadways Paving Project - Jamestown and Yorktown

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The Northeast Regional Office proposes to repave, chip seal and repair a number of roads and parking areas in the Jamestown and Yorktown areas of Colonial National Historical Park.

The Jamestown Loop Road, located on Jamestown Island, was a Mission 66-era improvement to the Park and was completed in 1957. It was evaluated as part of the Jamestown Island, Glasshouse Point, and Neck of Land Cultural Landscapes inventory and determined to be contributing to the Park. The NPS plans to pulverize all the asphalt in place on the Jamestown Loop Road, mix it with the top 2" of existing base course, and compact it before overlaying 2.5" asphalt and a double chip seal. No excavations or ground disturbance would take place below the existing roadway sub-base. At pullout #9, a 24' metal culvert will be cleaned and fitted with a new end section, the surrounding area will be built up to conform to the end section and planted with grasses. In addition, the Jamestown Visitor Parking Lot will be patched and chip sealed.

Fuselier's Road was constructed in the late-1950s. A portion of it was realigned during the Bicentennial to better access the Yorktown Victory Center. Fuselier's Road was evaluated as part of the draft National Register Documentation for the Yorktown Unit. The original segment of the road was determined to be contributing to the Park's NRHP significance, the Bicentennial alignment was considered to be non-contributing. The NPS plans to pulverize all of the asphalt in place, mix it with 6" of existing base course material, and compact it before overlaying 4.5" of new asphalt. The existing shoulders would be hardened/paved an additional four feet in total width, within the previously disturbed road prism. A double chip seal would be placed on top of the new asphalt for the entire length of the roadway under construction.

Other minor repairs and chip sealing at visitor parking areas in Yorktown would also be completed. The NPS plans to repair existing curb at the Yorktown visitor parking near Church Street. An 18" culvert pipe in that area would be replaced by a pipe of the same material and dimension, the outlet would be cleaned and excess sediment would be removed. The historical brick manhole would be raised by adding another course of brick to bring the inlet up to grade. The parking area would have minor crack sealing and would be chip sealed to match the existing color and texture. The parking lot at the Yorktown Visitor Center will be chip sealed; the nine existing 8" concrete wheel stops which mark the handicap parking area would be replaced with new 6" wheel stops, and three standard handicap parking signs would also be installed.

In addition, the following access roads and parking areas would be repaired and chip sealed: National Cemetery/Second Siege Parking (chip Seal), Battlefield Tour Road(chip seal) , Yorktown East Tour Road (minor patching and chip seal), Redoubt 9, 10 Parking and Access Road (chip seal), Surrender Field Access Road and Parking (chip seal), and French Cemetery Parking (chip seal). A 1,000-foot section of the Colonial Parkway between the Yorktown Visitor Center and Ballard Street would also be chip sealed.

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