Benjamin Banneker Park Pedestrian Access Improvements

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The National Park Service (NPS), in cooperation with the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), is proposing an improved pedestrian connection between the National Mall and Memorial Parks
(NAMA) and the waterfront along Maine Avenue, SW in Washington, DC, as identified in the SW Ecodistrict Plan and the National Mall Plan. The proposed connection includes the construction of a
temporary stairway and ramp between the overlook at Benjamin Banneker Park (Banneker Overlook), a NPS property, and the southwest waterfront near the Hoffman Madison Waterfront LLC (the Wharf)
redevelopment. The Wharf is implementing the improved pedestrian connection in fulfillment of a zoning requirement. The temporary project also includes landscaping, improvements to pedestrian crosswalks, lighting installation, universal accessibility, and stormwater management.

The purpose of the project is to provide a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing pedestrian connection between the overlook at Banneker Park and southwest waterfront. The project is needed to improve urban connectivity by providing greater accessibility between the waterfront, Banneker Park, the National Mall, and surrounding areas.

Contact Information

Eliza Voigt
Park Planner