White Wolf Water Utility Building Replacement

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This project will replace existing water utility building measuring 7 ft. x 9 ft. The current building is structurally compromised with cracks running through the concrete floor and the exterior door has gaps along the bottom allowing for rodent intrusion. The existing building will be removed at the end of the season once the water system has been taken offline and replaced with the new building. Site preparation will include ground disturbance in the same footprint as the existing structure. Ground will be leveled and compacted over an area of 15 ft. x 18 ft. and could be disturbed to a depth of as much as 18 to 24 inches prior to compaction.

The replacement structure will be a prefabricated concrete structure 8 ft. x 10 ft. with solid concrete floor. The exterior treatment will appear to be board and batten siding, brown in color. The roof will appear to be brown cedar shake. The color and style selected for the exterior envelope of this structure was selected to differentiate the utility building from the nearby historic White Wolf Lodge. A minimum of two lodgepole pine trees will be removed for the placement of the new structure.