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The Park proposes to grant State of Virginia Court of Appeals Judge R. Atlee, Jr. a permit to use the Archer Cottage for office space. The Permittee has put in a request to replace the upstairs carpet and paint the interior of the building w/ paint that resembles 18th century texture and colors to duplicate the existing paint scheme. The Permittee would also like to replace the countertop and flooring in the kitchen area. The kitchen floor will be replaced with Armstrong Alterna Flooring Product. The Permittee has also requested permission to place slate or stone paving stones, on the ground surface, leading from the fence to the parking area. The Permittee has also requested to replace the existing toilet in the bathroom, the medicine cabinet, and the flooring.

The Archer cottage was built circa 1820 on the foundations of an 18th-century building that burned in 1814. Located on Lot 107 at junction of Water Street and Great Valley, the interior and exterior of the cottage was extensively renovated and restored by the NPS in 1956-1957. During this restoration room partitions were modified, which changed the circulation in the building; a modern kitchen and full bathroom were added at this time. The building received another renovation of the interior in the 1970s, when carpet was added to the rooms of the second floor. It is one-and- one-half stories with full basement, five rooms, frame covered with weatherboards, marl and stone foundation, two dormers on the front and two on the rear, with a gabled roof and cedar shingles. The building measures 1,750 square feet. It is currently vacant. The Archer Cottage is a contributing element to the National Register of Historic Places significance of Colonial National Historical Park.

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