Slope Stabilization at Fort Wadsworth

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The National Park Service at Gateway National Recreation Area, Staten Island Unit is proposing a project to stabilize and repair a bluff at Fort Wadsworth that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The project would remove storm debris, cut hazard trees and stabilize the slope with a combination of grading, erosion control matting, and the placement of 500 feet of stone revetment along the toe of the slope. NPS currently does not anticipate any work or access to areas below the high water mark.

The project is needed because the bluffs receded by as much as 20 feet due to storm action. These bluffs support batteries from the Endicott period of development (1885 - 1905) at the fort. Continued erosion and slumping of the bluff could threaten these primary park resources, including batteries Barbour, Turnbull and Hudson at the top of the bluff and the Experimental Battery (a post-Civil War battery) at the base.

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