Hetch Hetchy Entrance Well House Replacement

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The primary goal of this project is the replacement of the current well house located at the Mather Entrance Station. The current well house is unserviceable. The building envelope is neither weather tight nor rodent proof placing employees at risk of exposure to Hantavirus as well as having unacceptable code violations within the structure.

The current well house is stick built with no foundation and measures 7'4" x 6'4". The new well house will be located approximately 15- 20 feet from the existing structure and increase in size to approximately 10' x 12'. The size increase is needed to accommodate a new filtration system and an additional pressure vessel for more water storage capacity.

The preference of the utilities staff for this project is to use a prefabricated concrete building, pre-built and placed on site. The prefabricated building's exterior will be modified onsite to match the exterior siding of the adjacent ranger station. The modifications would be completed by attaching horizontal siding over the concrete structure. Although the ranger station has cedar shingles, the well house siding would not be cedar shingles but would be poured into the building roof design to match cedar shingles. The exterior will be painted to match existing color on the adjacent structures.