Yosemite Lodge Generator Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace the existing generator located at Yosemite Lodge (YL) back dock utility area with a new code compliant model that supplies power to the YL core area. The existing generator will be removed from the interior location, and the new generator will be installed outside and nearby the original location. All work will be code compliant and performed by a qualified contractor.

The new generator will be free standing. The fuel supply and return will be routed above ground in a surface trench; excavation for fuel lines will not be necessary. Some surface grading in a rectangular area approximately 24 feet long and 9 feet wide is necessary to install the generator on a level surface. Park High Voltage staff was consulted on electrical service for the generator and their request was underground installation of the new electrical lines. Trenching from electrical source to the generator will involve a 24 inch wide, 42 inch deep and approximately 30 feet long trench. Two mid-size Cedar trees and one stump must be removed for the project to proceed.