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Replace Failing Non-Sustainable Utilities for Big Springs CCC Cabins and Lodge

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The Big Spring District's aging utilities and infrastructure are increasingly prone to significant and costly failures, including downed electric lines, sewer line blockages, and failing septic tanks. Numerous repairs have been made to address these failures, but repairs in summer months affect visitors, and the park loses revenue when buildings are closed for repairs. Degraded wastewater pipes and deteriorated electrical lines threaten visitor health and the fragile, pristine spring branch located in the Big Spring District.

To rectify these problems,the National Park Service (NPS) is proposing to replace failing utilities and infrastructure in the Big Spring District at Ozark National Scenic Riverways (the park).

The proposed action would design and replace and/or upgrade existing electrical lines and sewer lines and systems to industry standards. The project would:

-Demolish existing overhead power lines and transformers and install new underground power lines.

-Install gravity sewer collection lines, manholes or cleanout units, and two sewer pump stations. The failing septic tank system would then be abandoned.

Public invovement will help ensure that NPS takes into account all available information in further developing this project.

Contact Information

Dena Matteson
(573) 323-8028