Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Office Addition

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The Yosemite Historic Preservation Shop will add 280 square feet of structure, (17' x 16'6") to the rear of the Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Office (TMRO). The office addition is scheduled to be constructed in conjunction with the completion of the two year rehabilitation of the existing 1925 structure. Ground disturbance is necessary in the immediate footprint of the addition (280 square feet). The excavation consists of a perimeter footing measuring 12" deep by 46' long by 2' wide for a total of 92 cubic feet of soil to be removed. Possible improvements for site drainage could affect another 100 square feet to the west of the structure but no greater than six inches deep. Adding on to the existing ranger office triggers the requirement to provide an accessible path of travel from an accessible parking place to the building. Minimal ground disturbance will occur during the installation of the accessible path and parking as they will closely follow the existing terrain.

Eight Lodgepole pine trees need to be removed from behind the TMRO that are near or inside the 280 square feet footprint of the addition. The quantity and diameter of the trees are, one at 14", three at 10", two at 8", one at 6" and one at 5".

The addition will be constructed in a similar method as the existing structure with distinguishing exterior differences. To differentiate the addition, the outside wall of the addition will be offset from the existing and the roof ridge will be lower on the addition. The siding will be conventional board and batten as opposed to the reverse board and internal batten used on the existing 1925 structure. The rafters will be log and the roofing will be corrugated metal as is currently covering the existing structure. The floor will be of conventional wood construction and the interior walls will be tongue and groove pine to match the existing. Electrical and communication systems will be extended from the existing structure to the addition. There will be no plumbing in either the existing or the additional structure. This will be accomplished by placing a 16' x 16' designated parking place at the edge of the existing Tuolumne Lodge Road, east of the ranger office. The parking place will be paved with asphalt with minimal ground disturbance, just leveling. The accessible path of travel will be 4' wide by 50' long and less than five percent grade to the rear of the building. The path will be paved with a hardened surface material such as "Stalok" or compacted road base.