Photo showing yew bushes on the southeast end of the Historic Pasture

*Emergency* Trim or remove yew bushes in historic pasture due to assault

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Up to 36 overgrown and non-historic yew bushes planted in the Southeast corner of the historic pasture/east corridor of the park need to be trimmed or removed in an effort to clear sight lines. A sexual assault was reported on Saturday as having taken place in the area in the last six months. The area has also been popular with homeless people for camping, due to the dense bushes that block wind and visibility from nearby 9th Street. This project will remove approximately a dozen bushes completely and trim the remaining up from the base to provide clear sight lines and remove the attractiveness for people who do not want to be seen. The trimming efforts may cause additional bushes to die, which will then also be removed and a smaller, less dense bush like viburnum or lilac will be planted in place to continue the screening efforts to block the modern 9th Street/Route 66 from the rest of the park.

The bushes were planted prior to the creation of any Cultural Landscape Plan and may even pre-date the establishment of the park, but are not from the Lincoln era. The 2014 Cultural Landscape Report recommends removing some of these shrubs to "add a picnic area or other gathering space for visitors."

A run of yew bushes behind the Visitor Center has also proven to be a haven for the homeless and will also be trimmed as part of this project. There are no plans to remove these bushes completely.

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Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229