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Bryce Canyon National Park is proposing to increase the park's entrance and camping fees, beginning in May, 2015. (This proposal is part of a larger National Park Service (NPS) effort underway across the nation. Beginning in 2015, parks are authorized to change recreation fees to align with the NPS's new standard entrance-fee schedule, which was last updated in 2006.)

Bryce Canyon is proposing to increase the entrance fee for single, private vehicles from $25 to $30 and charge motorcycles a flat $25 fee instead of the former $12 per rider, both valid for 7 days. Those traveling by foot, bicycle or ski would be charged $15 and the annual Bryce Canyon pass would increase $5 to $35. The park is also proposing to increase the flat rate of $15 per front-country campsite (regardless of size) to $20 for tent sites and $30 for recreational vehicles in an effort to better align its prices with those of campsites outside of the park. Overnight backcountry campers would be charged a flat rate of $5 per person per trip.

The fees for interagency passes will be unchanged by this proposal and will remain at the current rates: Annual Pass, $80; Lifetime Senior Pass, $10; Lifetime Access Pass, free; Annual Military Pass, free.

Over 80 percent of fee revenues are reinvested directly back into Bryce Canyon National Park. Recently funded projects include new comfort stations in both of the park's campgrounds, new museum exhibits, trail rehabilitation projects, and operation of the park's popular visitor shuttle bus system.

Future revenues from the proposed fee increases will be used to ensure the long-term solvency of the visitor shuttle bus and support and enhance other visitor services including maintenance of park facilities, additional upgrades to campgrounds, restoration of historic buildings and landscapes, and additional park interpretive and educational programs.

On December 17, 2014, the public comment period was extended from January 2, 2015 to January 12, 2015.

Contact Information

Questions should be addressed to Wade Vagias, Interim Superintendent, Bryce Canyon National Park, at (435) 834-4700.