Former Grant Grove Incinerator- Solid Waste Management Unit #38

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SEKI is contracting with Environmental Cost Management Inc. (ECM) to conduct site investigations in order to evaluate the potential for release of hazardous constituents related to historical operations and waste management activities at a Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) within the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park. ECM prepared a Preliminary Assessment for SWMU #2 and SWMU #38 (PA) (January 29, 2014). [Note: this proposal is only addressing SWMU #38, as ECM recommends no further action at SWMU #2). The Former Grant Grove Incinerator (SWMU #38) was located north of Grant Grove Village and the former Grant Grove Chevron Station, just west of Generals Highway and northeast of the corral. The site is located at an elevation of approximately 6,620 feet above sea level.

On November 12, 2013, a preliminary assessment site inspection was conducted to collect information concerning site background, operational history, and current environmental conditions to assess potential threats posed to human health and the environment, and determine whether additional characterization is needed. During the site inspection, the ash burn pit area was measured as 200 feet by 170 feet but the depth of the burn pit is unknown. At the time of the site visit, several stockpiles of construction materials were observed consisting of base rock, large boulders, asphalt for recycling, asphalt cold patch, and soil fill material stored on top of the former ash burn pit. A substantial amount of debris associated with the burn pit was noted along the perimeter of the area and on the downslope sides of the burn pit. The debris observed consisted of rusty metal, glass bottles, broken ceramic containers, a car battery, and some plastic debris.

ECM evaluated the site using the Environmental Protection Agency's Hazard Ranking System scoring software. The preliminary assessment score for this site is 13.78 (see appendix A in the PA). While this score typically does not result in a 'further action recommendation,' ECM recommended additional site characterization at SWMU #38. Field work would involve collecting approximately sixteen (16) soil/solid samples and additional quality control samples. Please see the PA under "Document List" for more detailed information.