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The Kerr residence is located within the El Portal administrative site, which is managed by the National Park Service (NPS) to provide housing for NPS employees, contractors, and partners.

The Kerrs want to demolish their existing garage and build a new structure to replace the garage and add an addition with a second floor bedroom and bath. To obtain a Mariposa County building permit to construct this addition they must first obtain the approval of the NPS.
The new structure will keep the house as a single family residential structure and retain the massing, scale, and character found in other single family residential structures in the neighborhood.

The existing 20' x 24' single story garage will be demolished. In its place the Kerrs will build a 20' x 30' two story garage and guest room. The existing structure is approximately 15' high and the new building will be 22'-5" tall. There will also be a new 10' x 4'-6" woodshed attached to the garage.

There will be ground disturbance during the demolition of the existing garage and its concrete slab floor. There will be additional ground disturbance during the construction of the new building's foundation, concrete slab floor, and new utilities.
Once approved the construction of the addition should take between 9 and 12 months to complete.