Church Bowl Area Restroom Installation

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The Church Bowl Picnic area, located between the Ahwahnee Hotel and the medical clinic in Yosemite Valley, currently has four portable toilets that require frequent maintenance. This area is impacted by moderately high visitor use. This project will replace these portable toilets with a new accessible restroom about 17 feet x 23 feet consisting of a men's and women's restroom that will each have two fixtures, one accessible and one additional fixture (for a total of four fixtures). A concrete walkway will be installed for an accessible path of travel. This project will meet current standards for accessibility, including American with Disabilities Act and the Architectural Barriers Act requirements. The exterior envelope will be designed to be compatible with the architectural features of Yosemite Valley (see Sense of Place, Design Guidelines for Yosemite Valley). Exterior roofing material will be recycled aluminum material. Exterior siding shall be commercially grown lumber or a fiber cement material that looks like wood. The electrical system shall emphasize energy conservation by using low wattage lighting and incorporating natural ambient light from windows. This project will incorporate proper signage into the project to interpret the efforts of the park to reduce waste to increase conservation. The interior envelope will be tiled with a product composed of recycled, sustainable materials. The privacy partitions would be a manufactured recycled monolithic vinyl material to increase longevity and improve aesthetics. All fixtures will be installed with water saving features including motion detectors on hand washing fixtures, waterless urinal, low flush water closets and utility sinks with pressure activated faucets. Utility work includes trenching 200 feet long by 2 feet wide by 5 feet deep.