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Missouri National Recreational River Property Management Plan Environmental Assessment

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Purpose and Need for MNRR Property Management Environmental Assessment

NPS holds title to three parcels of land and proposes to develop property management plans for each parcel. The management plans will identify actions for recreational site development, resource management, interpretation/education and establish management policy on certain issues, such as, access, hunting, and camping. Public scoping will involve stakeholders and the general public in developing alternatives for MNRR property management.

MNRR's General Management Plan (GMP) was completed in 1998 and these properties were acquired after the GMP was written. Management plans for the 60-acre Green Island parcel, for the 31-acre Mulberry Bend Overlook parcel, and the 205-acre Bow Creek Recreation Area are necessary for the park to carry out the NPS mission and the congressional mandates found in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (16 U.S.C. § 1271, et seq.) - the enabling legislation of the MNRR. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (16 U.S.C. § 1281) identifies Administration Policy for designated rivers that is to protect and enhance the values for which it became a component of the national wild and scenic river system; and also identifies that "[m]anagement plans for any such component may establish varying degrees of intensity for its protection and development based on the special attributes of the area." A management plan is needed to fulfill the intent of the Congressional designation of MNRR.

MNRR Properties

Bow Creek Recreation Area was acquired from a willing seller in 2004. This floodplain and bluff top property totals 205 acres and is located northeast of Wynot, Nebraska at river mile 787.6 (river right). More info and a map can be found here on the park's website:

Green Island was transferred to the NPS in 2014 as mitigation for the Discovery Bridge in Yankton. It is located just upstream of the Discovery Bridge at river mile 806.5 and inlcudes the island, side channel, and a small portion of the Nebraska shoreline for a total of 60 acres.

The Mulberry Bend Overlook was transferred to the NPS in 2005 at mitigation for the Vermillion-Newcastle Bridge. The 31 acres bluff-top property is known for its developed scenic overlook. More info and a map can be found here:

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