Yosemite Valley Swinging Bridge Picnic Area Accessibility Improvements and Rehabilitation

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The scope of this project addresses site delineation, accessible trail construction and picnic site amenities installation. This project will retain the existing trail that leads to the swinging bridge crossing and an additional 470 feet of hardened surface trail will be constructed for the 14 accessible picnic sites. The existing path to the present accessible picnic sites will be removed. The picnic sites will be constructed in the upper portion of the existing picnic area. The path surface will be non-asphaltic and porous type material. The picnic pads will be of the same material as the path and they will meet the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility guidelines (ABA) for outdoor developed areas (36 CFR Part 1191). The walking surfaces that are a part of an accessible route shall comply with Chapter 4 (accessible routes) section 403.3 Slopes: The running slope of walking surfaces shall not be steeper than 1:20. The cross slope of walking surfaces shall not be steeper than 1:48.

Each of the 14 picnic tables and grills will be oriented to allow for ease of access for someone in a wheelchair. The tables will be anchored down with rebar casted in concrete so tables will not move, this will allow for sustainable accessibility clearance around table and grills. The path and picnic pads will be flush with ground surface to minimize any changing slopes or elevations and to minimize any ponding. The path will be constructed so a person that is mobility impaired will be able to circulate around the path to all picnic sites without barriers. The ground disturbance will be 6 inches deep to allow for 4 inches of base rock and 2 inches of non-asphaltic and porous type material (Sta-lok material). Hardened surface area for the pathway is approximately 470 feet long by 6 feet wide which equals 2820 square feet. The hardened surface for the picnic pads will be approximately 18 feet long by 15 feet wide which equals 270 square feet per site, for a total of 3780 square feet for the 14 sites.

Placing the picnic pads in the upper location of the picnic area will allow the removal of 6 tables, 3 grills and relocation of one "No Ground Fires" sign out of flood plain. The total number of existing picnic sites including the accessible sites is 12 total. The removal of 3 picnic sites in the flood plain will leave 3 accessible sites and 6 non-compliant sites for picnic use. This project will increase the sites to 14 accessible compliant sites and 6 non-compliant sites for a total of 20 picnic sites with a net increase of 8 sites.