Glacier Point Air Conditioning Installation

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The purpose of this project is to provide basic visitor and employee services and offset impacts from significant day time heat inside the Glacier Point (GP) building. Typically where food is sold or served, the interior temperature of a building is controlled for basic human comfort and food storage. During summer months, the interior temperatures reach 90 degrees creating difficult work conditions for staff and no relief from the heat for visitors at GP. The excessive interior temperature causes food products on retail shelves to melt, and taxes the existing refrigeration equipment (continuous operation to maintain equipment temperatures create more interior heat).

Delaware North Corporation is requesting approval to install an air conditioning unit (AC) on the exterior and backside of the structure. A professional firm will be hired to perform the installation of the AC unit and concrete pad. Existing heat supply ducting will be used for the installation - minimizing impacts to the building. Ground disturbance of approximately four inches consists of leveling the ground surface to pour the concrete pad. The AC system will run during the day when the heat is extreme, and shut off when personnel leave the operation for the night.

Scope of work:
• Fabricate a 6 feet x 8 feet concrete pad at building rear for AC unit.
• Install new electrical circuits at basement panels to concrete pad location.
• Attach AC unit to new concrete pad.
• Install evaporative coils in the existing heating supply duct work in the attic; fabricate new interior sheet metal doors and covers to facilitate future maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
• Install unit centered under 1st basement window.
• Connect the attic coils to the AC unit with new refrigeration lines, each with an industry standard sight glass, insulated and installed within the existing wall cavities of the rear basement stairwell and the basement ceiling to the wall adjacent to the concrete pad location.
• Fabricate condensate pans and drains at the new attic coils, plumb to the kitchen drains one floor below.
• Charge the new system with refrigerant and test for function.
• Seal all outer wall penetrations and paint as necessary. Repair all drywall penetrations inside and paint as necessary.
• Fabricate a lean-to shed cover for the AC unit with a low roof. The lean-to shed design will have one mortared granite wall installed on the side of the shed that faces the visitors as they walk towards the GP building (to muffle sound and match the foundation). The lean-to roof will be held up by wood posts at the other corners.

** Lean-to shed will have two sides, one side made of granite and others with posts, painted Wosky Brown with a gray composite shingled roof to match "Sense of Place" guidelines for the Glacier Point historic district.