El Portal Sewer Rehabilitation Geotech Investigation

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This project proposes to drill dig up to three test borings per location in eleven locations to support the design development for the El Portal sewer replacement project (Phase 1). The purpose of these borings is to develop geotechnical conclusions regarding the anticipated subsurface conditions and constructability along the proposed sewer line route, and provide geotechnical recommendations for trench backfill and utility construction. These drill locations will extend to refusal or a maximum depth of 6.5 feet along the following roads; Foresta Road, El Portal Road and Highway 140 (see attached map for specific locations). Each drill location will have up to three test borings grouped approximately within a six to eight foot diameter.

The geotechnical firm (Holladay Engineering) will coordinate with the Yosemite Park personnel to erect and maintain appropriate traffic control for the excavation of borings within the public road right-of-ways along the water line alignment.