Ackerson Meadow Minor Boundary Adjustment and Acquisition

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The park has the opportunity to perform a minor boundary adjustment for the 415 acre Ackerson Meadow property in order to aquire the property through a donation to the park. Ackerson Meadow is a private parcel (inholding) of land within the Stanislaus National Forest and adjacent to Yosemite National Park. The boundary adjustment will be accomplished through use of the minor boundary adjustment authority found at 16 USC 460l-9(c).

For several decades the conservation community has been interested in acquiring the privately held Ackerson Meadow parcel to better protect the extremely limited meadow habitat of the Great Gray Owl and Willow flycatcher, both state listed endangered species.

The NPS will notify the appropriate House and Senate committees of the NPS intent to acquire the parcel by way of donation and to make the minor boundary adjustment necessary to include the parcel within the boundary of the park.

The NPS will notify the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors of the NPS intent to accept the donation and will further notify them of the loss of state and county property taxes on the parcel due to federal acquisition and the inclusion of the parcel in the "Payment in Lieu of Taxes" program as found in 31 USC 69.

The NPS will publish a "Notice of Realty Action" in the Federal Register and in the local paper of record, the Union Democrat, and will take public comment on the proposed minor boundary adjustment for a period of 45 days.