Port Alsworth Woodlot Trail Improvement

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Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (LACL) is proposing to improve the surface condition of the access trail to the Port Alsworth woodlot and to construct a public picnic area adjacent to the Tanalian River for recreational use. Approximately 1,700 feet of trail would be improved with a gravel to create a sustainable surface suitable for year round travel by all-terrain vehicles, snow machines, or pedestrians. This trail represents the only access point to the Port Alsworth woodlot which is used for subsistence firewood harvest. Currently, the trail is in a condition that does not allow for sustainable use. Additionally, the access trail is part of a greater trail network used by hikers year round. The public picnic area would be located at the end of the woodlot trail system and would create a destination point for year round recreational use. A vacant lot owned by the NPS immediately adjacent to the NPS airplane hangar will serve as a gravel source for this project.

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