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Stabilize Mint Spring Bayou

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Stabilize Mint Springs Bayou Slope

The National Park Service (NPS) at Vicksburg National Military Park proposes to stabilize and repair slope failure damage that resulted from an eroding bluff that is located along Mint Spring Bayou. The Mint Spring Bayou slope is vulnerable to reoccurring storm events and susceptible to future damage and erosion.

The purpose of this project is to restore and strengthen the slope that has been eroding. The need is to protect the bluff and address the structural deficiency of the existing nail walls, increase the safety measures of the slope and ensure the protection of the primary park resources and infrastructure.

A previous project completed in 2011 consisted of the installation of two soil nail walls with shotcrete facing. The base of the lower nail wall the soil has become unstable and is sliding to the south resulting in movement of the bank along Mint Spring Bayou. The southern brick wall around the cemetery has already collapsed and fallen into Mint Spring Bayou. Due to the sloughing on the slope, the slope is nearly vertical and is mostly devoid of vegetation. Continued erosion and sliding of the soil at the base of the existing walls may eventually cause undercutting of the walls and eventual failure of the upper slope and existing nail walls. Continued erosion and slumping of the bluff could threaten primary park resources and infrastructure.