Rehabilitate Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Station

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Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Station was constructed in 1924 to serve as the fee collection and contact station for the east entrance to the park. It represents early rustic architectural design and set the theme for many other post 1920 park structures. Today the structure is listed on the National Register of Historical Places but is still used as a ranger office and contact station.

The structure has received little preventive maintenance and has sustained substantial deterioration to its log framework and exterior envelope. This project will correct backlog maintenance to the log framing and restore deteriorated siding, log purlins, log banding, and rafter tails; repair the floor support timbers; and place a concrete perimeter foundation under the building. Utilities will be upgraded and interior finishes and surfaces will be renewed to provide adequate, functional office space.

Construction plans and drawings have been professionally prepared to guide preservation work, which includes the addition of a small vestibule at the rear of the building to accommodate 5 to 6 foot snow accumulations. The limited amount of time that the Tuolumne Meadows area is accessible each summer and the other obligations of the Yosemite Historic Preservation Crew require that this project be split into two components and accomplished in two summers. The visitor contact and ranger administrative operations will be relocated to a temporary office trailer that will be placed near the project structure.