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Lower Pines Preventative Search and Rescue Campsite Installation

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The Protection Division has a need for an additional campsite site in Yosemite Valley to host preventative search and rescue operations. This project will add one new administrative site in Lower Pines Campground for preventative search and rescue volunteer coordinator use. The new site will be delineated by concrete bumper logs and will use the native ground as the parking surface. The site will be located in a clear area approximately twenty feet southwest of site #16. The site is near existing utilities so disturbances for new water, sewer, and electric service connection will be minimal. The water service will connect at site #16 with a trench approximately 30 feet long. The sewer service will connect to the sewer main approximately 10 feet away. The new electric service will connect to the panel in the nearby comfort station and will require a trench approximately 60 feet long. It is anticipated that a new electric panel will be required and will be installed in the same location within the utility chase of the comfort station.