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Proposed Relocation of Maintenance Facilities to More Sustainable Locations within the Sandy Hook Unit.

The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to address damage to Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook Unit maintenance facilities that resulted from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The purpose of the proposed action is to make Sandy Hook Unit maintenance and storage facilities resilient to coastal storm surges and flooding through relocation to more sustainable locations. The NPS believes this project is needed because existing facilities, buildings, and equipment within the Sandy Hook Unit were significantly damaged during Hurricane Sandy resulting in loss of functionality. New facilities would provide support to the Gateway maintenance staff and equipment while greatly reducing the potential for substantial damage during future catastrophic coastal storm surge or flood events.

Current maintenance operations within the Sandy Hook Unit are divided between two locations: the north maintenance area located within Fort Hancock at the northern end of the peninsula, and the south maintenance area located near the middle of the peninsula off Hartshorne Drive to the west of the Nike Missile Launch Pad. Both existing maintenance areas received flood damage during Hurricane Sandy and continue to be used for maintenance operations, but with significantly reduced functionality and poor working conditions for maintenance staff. In addition, due to both design and location, both existing maintenance facilities would continue to be susceptible to future damage from severe storm events.

The NPS proposes to construct a consolidated maintenance facility within the Fort Hancock Historic Post Area. The consolidation would include adaptively reusing Building 49 and Building 65; constructing a new vehicle/equipment maintenance and repair shop; improvements to site access, parking, and circulation; as well as adequate vehicle/equipment and materials storage and perimeter security.

The ongoing participation of the public is very important to the success of this project. Documents available for comment can be found under the "Open for Comment" link at the left.

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