Programmatic CE: Commercial Use Authorization - Art Activity Workshop

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This five year programmatic categorical exclusion (CE) will cover commercial use authorizations (CUA) to commercial art workshop groups conducting activities in Yosemite National Park. This programmatic CE will cover CUAs issued through December 31, 2018, at which time a new compliance review will be initiated. The CUA is a tool required by the National Park Service to regulate and oversee the commercial use of National Park Service lands not regulated under a concessions management contract. This CUA, also known as a permit, is issued to companies or individuals conducting commercial guided Art Workshops in Yosemite National Park.

The permitted activity is to be conducted only in those areas of Yosemite National Park open to the public and authorized by the CUA. The CUA holder is required to obtain any additional permits or license required by law. This CUA will be issued as an" out-of-park" CUA. (The visitor service must originate and terminate outside of the boundaries of the park area. The authorization holder is not authorized to advertise, solicit business, collect fees, or sell any goods or services within the boundaries of the park area.) The CUA will only be issued for a period of one calendar year. Companies must apply for a new CUA each new year. The CUA holder is regulated by the terms and conditions of the CUA which is administered and managed by the Yosemite National Park, Office of Special Park Uses in conjunction with the Yosemite National Park Protection Division.

The CUA holder must obtain additional authorizations for commercial activities not covered under this CUA. Art activity workshops groups are limited to a maximum of 15 people including instructors. The CUA holder is not permitted to use artificial lighting when conducting the activity out of doors and must avoid setting up in sensitive resource areas. The CUA holder is required to submit proposed trip itineraries prior to beginning any trips into the park, and an annual report listing the total number of trips to the park, the total number of visitors, and the annual gross receipts collected from conducting their business in the park.