Curry Village Stoneman Cottage Steam Heat Piping Repair

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This project will correct a mechanical deficiency and help to sustain the Curry Village Stoneman House. The purpose of this project is to remove and replace the aged and failing hydronic heat supply and return lines at Curry Village Stoneman House. There are eighteen visitor lodging rooms in the structure that rely on a single source of heat from the Curry Village Pavilion boiler system.

The condition of the existing lines has deteriorated and is consistently leaking; this has led to water damage to the floor and structure. Work will include replacing the supply and return pipelines under the Stoneman House and the lines from the Stoneman House to the Curry Village Boiler Room. Work under Stoneman House includes removal of the floor material at the base of each wall heater to access the heating pipes. Any flooring impacted will be replaced and carpeted to match the current room interiors. Unless determined otherwise, the existing in-room wall heaters do not require replacement and will be retained. Excavation of soils will not be required under the building; pipes needing replacement in this location are above the ground surface. The work between Stoneman House and the Boiler Room includes excavating a trench between the two locations in the same alignment as the current pipelines and installing new 2½ inch supply and return lines.

This design/build project will utilize the services of a professional plumbing contractor to remove existing piping and replace with code compliant materials to correct the deteriorated piping. The wood subfloor underneath the carpet will be removed and replaced as part of the scope of work; the floor repair will vary at each room depending conditions and damage. Room carpet also damaged by the leaking steam piping will also be replaced within the scope of this project.