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The purpose of this project is to renovate 166 guest lodging rooms at Yosemite Lodge, located in Yosemite Valley. The overall objective of the rehabilitation and replacement of building components is to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of these lodging units. This guest lodging requires upgrades to replace failing systems and fixtures and provide improved visitor service. Component renewal elements include the rehabilitation or replacement of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; exterior windows and patio doors; interior entry doors; and the replacement of shower surrounds, valves, faucets and ventilation fans. Replacement of soft goods, carpet, and interior finishes will also be included. Many guest rooms have jalousied single paned aluminum framed exterior windows, which have no insulation, are often inoperable, and are extremely difficult to maintain. Patio doors have jalousied aluminum full lite inserts that exhibit the same challenges.

The project team will implement the door and window treatment design that was provided by the park Historical Architect for the initial 69-room upgrades. Park Historic Architects will be on the design team to inform the selected treatment.

Additionally, six of the 166 rooms will also be upgraded to meet accessibility standards. This portion of the project will alter the physical layout of six rooms to meet the requirements of accessible room availability. Accessibility alterations will be made to entry doors, signage, hardware, window controls, patio configurations, fire alarms, and electrical controls.

In total, 166 guest rooms will be remodeled in a two phase effort beginning October 2013 to April 2014. Up to fifty-nine rooms at one time will be off-line and unavailable to guests within this time frame. The rooms included in the project are in the following buildings:
• 3400 Building, Hemlock (31 rooms)
• 3600 Building, Alder (19 rooms, plus 1 accessible room to be constructed in CIF 5022)
• 3900 Building, Cedar (19 rooms)
• 4100 Building, Tamarack (5 rooms, plus 1 accessible room to be constructed in CIF 5022)
• 4100 Building, Dogwood (8 rooms)
• 4100 Building, Aspen (8 rooms)
• 4200 Building, Elderberry (20 rooms)
• 4300 Building, Willow (12 rooms)
• 4400 Building, Cottonwood (8 rooms, plus 2 accessible to be constructed in CIF 5022)
• 4500 Building, Manzanita (18 rooms, plus 2 accessible to be constructed in CIF 5022)
• 4600 Building, Azalea (12 rooms)
• 4700 Building, Birch (6 rooms)