Yosemite Changeable Message Signs Installation

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The goal of this project is to provide the tools necessary for a parkwide traffic management system that will have real-time, information-based, decision-making capabilities. The system will be used to mitigate and potentially reduce traffic congestion, which will ultimately play a role in the quality of visitor experience as visitors navigate the park's transit system.

This project includes the installation of changeable message signs (CMS) at one entrance station location (Big Oak Flat Entrance, Highway 120/East Bound), at one in-park location (Camp 4, Northside Drive/West Bound), and at one out-of-park location (1650 feet west of the Highway 140/El Portal Road Intersection). CMS will be installed on 2 posts and are 3 feet 4 inches in height, 5 feet 10 inches in width, and 8 inches thick. The signs are a full-matrix/LED display, with 85 pixels per square foot. The locations of the signs are critical to be able to reach visitors at approach zones and provide real-time information before they reach decision points. Information provided will consist of:

(1) Visitor parking information - vehicle counters along with changeable message signs will provide real-time information about the availability of parking at desired locations to inform decisions about riding transit, finding alternative parking, or choosing a different park location.

(2) Visitor incident information - changeable message signs will provide visitors real-time information about incidents that may impact their travel (i.e. road closures, icy conditions, fire/smoky conditions, adverse weather, congestion delays, construction delays).

To provide in-field, real-time information to the CMS, new vehicle detectors will also be installed at the following locations: Glacier Point parking lot (next to the ranger residence on Glacier Point Road), Badger Pass parking lot (next to entrance road to Badger Pass parking lot), and the west end of Tuolumne Meadows (2.8 miles west of Pothole Dome). Also existing vehicle counters will need to be moved at Tioga Pass, Big Oak Flat Entrance, El Capitan Crossover, Chapel Straight, and South Entrance to provide more accurate vehicle counts. These vehicle counters will either consist of in-pavement installation or overhead installation, dependent of local conditions.

Trenching dimensions will be 12 inches wide by 36 inches deep, with lengths varying according to location (see Environmental Screening Form for specific lengths).