Valley Emergency Services Complex Rehabilitation Geotechnical Investigation

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This project would investigate subsurface soil composition and determine the feasibility of rehabilitating the Valley Emergency Services Complex. Geotechnical investigation is necessary at this site to obtain soil profile information to develop design guidelines for structural foundations. This project would include testing the soil bearing capacity for the structural components for the building rehabilitation. This project submittal is strictly for geotechnical investigation compliance. This submittal will not be providing a proposed design or a recommendation of improvements; the sole purpose is to allow for the collection of additional data. Compliance for the rehabilitation project will be submitted separately.

Work would consist of drilling up to 8 exploratory borings east of the Emergency Services Complex, excluding the gas station area. Test holes would be approximately 6 inches in diameter and 15 feet to 50 feet deep based on site recommendations from the geotechnical engineer. Testing would be performed in the previously developed area east of the complex, away from known archaeological sites; see attached map.